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We provided structural design and development for an innovative recycled plastic scaffold board, the 'Superdek'

The board is lighter, longer lasting and stronger than timber, and is being used particularly in the medical, food processing, off-shore petroleum and nuclear industries. Following development a new factory was opened in Wales specifically to produce the product.

The structural requirements and feasibility were explored with major scaffolding suppliers. We researched suitable materials and engaged world experts in innovative processes such as glass reinforced extruded thermoplastics. Numerous prototypes were prepared and tested before a final option was chosen.

The final design is extruded from recycled polyethylene reinforced by waste glass fibre fluff, with a thin coextruded outer coating of UV modified, fire retardant, TPE. The board is textured to avoid slipping and has statutory information and colour coding along its edges, with knock-in rubber protective caps at each end.

The design has featured in publications and exhibitions as an example of cutting edge sustainable design.


For the Spotbord Company we designed an innovative 'Spot Board', a device used for mixing motar. The design addresses the major issue of back pain suffered by bricklayers when using traditional spot boards. It is collapsible for ease of transport and long lasting compared to other solutions. The product is made from recycled PVC, reclaimed from the process of stripping out copper from electrical cables.



"The input from Jedco has been invaluable and we are immensely grateful for their guidance. If anyone is looking for a design agency then Jedco should be your first and last port of call."

Matthew Birch, MD The Spotbord Company

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