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Stageworks Gear Company

The 'G-stand' is a novel guitar stand developed by us for a joint venture involving an inventor and a music supplies company.

The 'World's first body mounted guitar stand' locks onto the guitar strap lug, so the guitar can be picked up and played while the stand is attached, great for performers at gigs or the enthusiast at home.

The innovative features were refined following considerable research and experimentation, ensuring the patented design can be firmly fixed to a wide range of guitars and quickly flipped open to support the guitar in the upright position.

Appearance, branding and feel were given high priority in order to appeal to users.

The design was developed interactively with the client team and after prototyping was finally detailed for mass production using injection moulded high performance plastics.

We obtained quotes for manufacture for the client from our extensive database of suppliers, both in the UK and the Far East. Once a manufacturer was nominated we provided them with a final specification pack and liaised with them during production of the first batches.

We also produced CAD visuals for marketing, prototypes to exhibit at trade shows, and technical drawings for patent applications.

"On top of providing us with a fantastic design, Jedco were invaluable in helping us to source the best suppliers at really competive prices"

Rick Chambers, The Stageworks Gear Company

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