Lucas ProTools

Jedco challenged every preconception of how a paintbrush could be designed and manufactured. The result is a product of the highest quality with innovative thinking throughout.

The design was awarded an 'Honourable mention' in the international Red Dot design award 2015, with the jury stating that: “The environmentally friendly design of the paintbrush demonstrates ecological responsibility in an exemplary way; with your entry you showed uncompromising competency and have measured yourself successfully against the best in the industry”.  It is on display at design museums in Essen and Singapore.

Many of the design features and production techniques used on the ProFinish have never been seen in this market before. The sustainably sourced Beech handle and extruded Aluminum ferrule create a seemless ergonomic shape, while a unique blend of Dupont® filaments applies paint with greater precision to give the best quality finish yet. Two embossed 'brush rest' features enable you to lay the wet brush down without paint getting on the surface. Laser engraved logos and a unique identification number add the finishing touch of quality. Made in the UK, The ProFinish takes the paintbrush to new levels of design and performance.


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"This is truly stunning, the curved lines and way it sits in your hand is something I have never seen before in a paintbrush. It has taken the paintbrush to a whole new level"

– Clare Bayne, Interior Designer

"The design features are genius. So well designed and so well thought through...genuinely a great product"

- Julia Kendell, Interior designer & TV presenter

"An astonishing feat of design. An item of lust."

- Kevin Lan, Designer

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