Bus Infrastructure

London Bus Services Limited

London’s bus stop infrastructure was re-designed by us in 1998, winning approval from the Royal Fine Art Commission. The 17,000 crumbling concrete stops have been replaced with the new aluminium and stainless steel structures.

The innovative design provides improved safety, better provision of information, greater flexibility of use, and easier maintenance, all at less cost.

The natural metal finish with its aggregate plinth sits easily in both modern and traditional environments. Above all, the design creates a contemporary and easily recognisable identity for London Buses in the streetscape.

Our relationship with London Buses has continued, and in 2004 we designed the award winning solar powered illuminated bus stop. A photo-voltaic canopy and illuminated timetable were developed that can be easily fitted to the existing stops. The system was introduced in response to increased night bus demand, and is particularly useful to elderly and visually impaired users.

Since then we have worked on a wide range of projects for London Buses, including producing the specification for their latest bus shelter, the Landmark London, and a design for their Roadside Ticket Machines.

For Bus stations we have designed large signage Totems, and at the opposite end of the scale, portable Temporary Bus Stops for rapid deployment by staff.

In addition to product design and engineering, we provide project managment throughout the development programme. We evaluated and then nominated suppliers, working closely with them to ensure quality control, as well as and producing guidelines for installation and maintenance by contractors.

"The London Bus Stop is becoming an icon"

Lynda Relph-Knight, Design Week Editor

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