Visitor Centres

Transport for London

Development of automated self-check-in desks 
for JFK Airport Yotel, New York.
Jedco generated design concepts and visuals for bespoke interactive ticketing vending and dispensing machines for Atos Origin’s customers, including Southern Railways, Travelodge, Axa and Yotel.
The contemporary styled Yotel self check-in/out desks are designed to be DDA compliant and comprise a GRP structure incorporating equipment which is easily accessible to maintenance staff:
video screen
passport reader
credit card swipe
signature reader
room magnetic access card dispenser and returns bin
credit card receipt dispenser

London Undergound has opened new Visitor Centres at major stations based on designs by Jedco.

Jedco developed a strong new identity for the Visitor Centres, to create a space that is bold, open, and welcoming. The use of LED Lighting, video screens, and a simple colour and material palette create a clean and modern ambiance.

The design team analysed customer behavior and developed a new open layout strategy that allows the 40% of visitors with basic enquiries to access information without queuing. Flow diagrams and ergonomic assessments maximize the use of space to improve visitor experience. A Welcome point at the entrance with seating allows floor staff to ‘triage’ customers to the right area and answer simple questions, providing a faster service and reducing workload for the desk staff.

The focal point of each centre is the new curved desk unit, ergonomically designed to improve staff comfort and usability. The glass screens were removed to allow greater interaction between Staff and Visitor. Jedco held interactive workshops with Staff to observe their behavior and to test and perfect the designs. The new furniture items were developed as a ‘kit of parts’ that could be applied consistently to any site and achieve economies of scale.

Jedco developed plans or each different site to enable the London Underground Engineering teams to implement the designs. The new centres have been hailed by staff as the ‘best improvement for over twenty years’

“It looks much more attractive, the open plan layout inside makes it easier for staff and customers to interact” Debora Goncalves, Visitor Centre team member