Computer Aided Design

Our CAD specialists use the latest software to turn initial concepts into finished products.

Early in the design process our visualisation skills enable us to produce photo-realistic images of products, an invaluable tool to ensure all project stakeholders buy-in to the new product development early on, and to aid our clients' marketing activities.

CAD files are then specifically developed for prototyping and tooling production, so reducing time to market. Additionally, we can simulate real materials to ensure the properties of each component are fit for purpose. Combined with our wide knowledge of materials and processes this enables us to assess the product's performance long before production.

In addition to 3D CAD we produce 2D drawings to the latest British and ISO standard, BS 8888.

We use the latest releases of Solidworks software and all design staff attend regular training courses to ensure our proficiency is at the highest level.


Example Case Studies

Example Case Studies