Digital Bus Stop

Jedco were approached by Papercast to design the next generation of real time e-ink digital bus stop displays. Papercast, who have been developing innovative solar powered, electronic passenger information systems, needed a new enclosure which was as impressive as the technology it housed.

The sleek design, influenced by precision quality consumer products, ensures it fits effortlessly into both modern and traditional environments. Its thin profile and metallic colour palette are subtly indicative of the modern technology it enables users to interact with.  

The display has been engineered to withstand the harsh street environment it inhabits; cleverly hidden fixings, toughened glass and intelligent material finishes help prevent vandal damage. The IP65 rated housing ensures it can operate in a range of -20C up to +70C. 

The flexible mounting system means the displays can be installed efficiently onto a range of surfaces and posts. Designed to offer users maximum functionality, the unit comes in single, double and triple configurations.


"The product offers significantly better power efficiency and wins on all other technical points, including screen visibility, content management and overall design."

Alberto Forchino, Head of Telematics Systems at GTT